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Hi,i am a 38years old man,i am not overweight,no alcohol,no drugs,no alcohol.I sport 4-5 times a week.One day,i was stressed up,i didnt eat well.somewhere in the evening i had a banana and some chocolate.Soon after,i felt my heart beating fast,i checked my BP and it raised somewhere to 144/91 and heartbeat was 120....i usually have it 115/75/65 heartbeat.
This happened several times,with sometimes shaking ,feeling very cold,BP getting very high (for me)all of a sudden.Today also,i didnt eat well during the day,and all of a sudden was feeling my heart beating very fast...bp 144/91/104 heartbeat...i took some dextrose...drank like 700ml milk...and some beta blocker i was given by my doctor to have it in such situations.i am a healthy individual otherwise,i do not take any medication,my BP is always great even during and after exercising.After taking the dextrose,the shaking stopped.BP Slowly became lower,heartbeat also (i also connect this with the beta blocker,of course).Also,sometimes in the evening I noticed that my BP gets high,around 137/88 and the pulse is like 88.I am not asking for a diagnosis ,but for an opinion and for some advice.I am really confused about this situation.Thanks in advance.

Hi Rob,
Most healthy adults (like you) don't monitor their blood pressure like you do. I don't understand your statement "some beta blocker i was given by my doctor to have it in such situations." It sounds like you have panic attacks and focus on your BP and pulse when that happens.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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