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I haven't been taking as much exercise as I should due to a busy lifestyle. I've always been quite fit, but I have let things go over the last few years.

I went for an pre-employment medical examination yesterday and the doctor thinks my heart might be enlarged. My heart rate was quite fast (I was nervous because I want the job!) 140bpm and my BP was 130/100 (I think). He palpated my heart and said I had abnormal pulsations and a hyperdynamic pulse in my chest that could indicate an enlarged heart. He was able to feel a strong heartbeat under my arm I think as he called another doctor who said she could feel it. I had an EKG which seemed, he said, to indicate LV enlargement. I am being sent for an echo.

I am so so scared, I think I'll have a heart attack just worrying...what does all this mean for me?


The tests being done are not because you are in immediate danger, but rather to pick up heart enlargement and treat underlying causes if it is present. The EKG and physical exam are not perfect tests so the echocardiogram is done to definitively answer the question of whether the enlargement is present. Even if enlargement is present i wouldn't necessarily worry, instead you should concentrate on underlying risk factors. If the echo shows enlargement firstly it can rule out other underlying causes such as valve disease. If there is enlargement seen and there are no other abnormalities then its most likely it is from high blood pressure and it will be of the utmost importance to control it.

Hope that was helpful.

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