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Heart & Cardiology/leg pain...worried that I may have dvt as a complication


Firstly I am 38 years old...6'3 and weigh 165lbs.
I am athletic build with around 8%body fat and until recently did exercise very hard.
I now only walk a few miles a day as part of my work.
I smoke around 20 cigarettes a day and drink a few drinks each night of alcohol.
I have gilbert syndrome and raised billirubin.
I have never had clotting issues previously.

Around a month ago I had a pain in my lower back which I though was from playing snooker the night before as I was very tense...I attended accident and emergency and was discharged as they couldn't find anything.
Blood tests and ecg were done as the back pain felt like it was pulling into my ribs.
I was told that my crp was low and this was good.

Since then I have had knee pain when getting out of the car which is a twisting of the knee slightly with weight...yesterday I have been getting calf pain which is intermittent.
I also had a blood test done last week and have been told the results were normal, I expect white cell count and regular bloods.

I have no swelling of my leg, no warmth by comparison to the other..I can see the pulse at my ankle in both feet the same.

I am stressing that I may have dvt and was looking for a little reassurance that it is unlikely.

When I straighten the leg and point toes upward it is not particularly painful and both feet are the same warmth.

I do still get pain when standing if there is any twist on the knee. ..I also get pain radiating to the ankle and thigh if I twist the knee and tense my calf muscles intensely.
There are some visible veins on the calf but I seem to have a high vascularity due to low body is not very different from the other calf.

Kind regards


Hi James,

In this situation i advise that you go and see your doctor to perform a physical exam. The most likely cause is musculoskeletal and this can be determined on a simple exam. If there is concern for DVT then a simple ultrasound exam can confirm or rule out the diagnosis. From what you describe this is unlikely, but still go get it checked out.

Hope that was helpful,  

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