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"Hi I am 32 yrs old woman my bp lipid profile and sugar are normal
I weigh 80kg and 5ft tall. For the past 1 month I hav pain in my left
side of neck shoulder arm and the back side of my chest.
 I feel some kind of pressure on the left side of my body
I feel like my left arm is heavy. Is it a heart problem or gastric problem"


A lot depends on the character of the pain. Chest pain associated with the heart typically worsens with exertion and improves with rest. It can radiate to the arm and jaw and also. It would be strange for a 32 year old woman to have symptoms from heart blockages, however my advice would be to go and see a physician to obtain a history and physical from which they can determine the need for further testing or provide you with the reassurance. It does not sound like a stomach problem

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