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QUESTION: Hi, to make a long story short, my mom drank orange juice and then started to feel nauseous and threw up. She also stared to sweat. She said she was having a tightness in her chest. I called 911. The ER doctor said her Cardiac enzyme test was normal and her ekg only showed pvc. So she said she wants to go home, the ER doctor said no she should see a cardiologist  and maybe have more blood work. So she stayed. The hospital doctor came in and said he was sitting at the nurses desk  watching the heart monitor and her heart was fine, he said  everyone gets pvc. He did no follow up  Cardiac enzyme test and let her go home in the morning. My question is, is that normal not to do the other  Cardiac enzyme test that are usually done when someone has symptoms of a heart attack? My mom also  has Rheumatoid arthritis. Thanks

ANSWER: Hi, http://myheart.net/articles/troponin-levels-the-heart-attack-blood-test/ http://myheart.net/articles/pvc-heart-beats-are-they-dangerous/

Have a read of those 2 articles. the enzyme test is very accurate in determining heart damage and a negative test is reassuring that no damage occurred if the test was performed at the appropriate time. Its important she follow up with another physician though so her risk can be determined. Its true that PVCs are common, but with her symptoms and the PVCs it sounds like an echocardiogram test may be a good next step. Discuss this with the Dr.

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QUESTION: ok thank you. My mom did have a echo gram and the Dr said I was normal. When my mom got sick and went to the hospital it was about a hour after her symptoms started, would that be enough time for the cardiac enzymes to show up in her blood? Thanks

Hi Rose,

Good question, the answer is the enzyme test does not necessarily rise after 1 hour, and repeat tests may be warranted but that honestly depends on the clinical situation as determined by the treating physician. What is reassuring is that the echocardiogram was normal which is good news. She may want to follow up with a physician to see if further testing is warranted.

hope that was helpful,  

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