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I'm 69 and have been an avid runner for over 20 years. I'm also a long-time pvc/pac sufferer. Like so many others, I've had all the tests and both my pcp and cardiologist tell me I'm in excellent shape. I try hard to believe them but do fret over occasional irregular heartbeats, particularly when they're frequent. After 40 years with them you would think I wouldn't fret when they occur and at times, I do deal with them positively. However, every once in awhile I'll get what I would call "fluttering." I can place my hand on my chest when it happens and feel very quick and very weak feeling beats. They only last for a few seconds and I don't get dizzy or have any lightheadedness from it. I just either cough or hold my breath and my heart returns to normal. My cardiologist says it's not an issue, just part of the occasional nature of irregular beats and benign. Wonder what you think. Thanks so much.

Hi Don, http://myheart.net/articles/pvc-heart-beats-are-they-dangerous/ have a read of this article i wrote previously to try and explain PVC heart beats.

Its difficult to know from what you describe whether the flutterings are simply from a run of PVC's or something other. The good thing is that they aren't symptomatic. I would say the following, if these symptoms are new and persistent, or if new symptoms develop, it may be worth some form of monitoring to characterize them with either an EKG or a longer form of monitoring. If they are infrequent and you have been checked by a cardiologist who is aware of your prior history then it sounds like you can be reassured that they aren't of concern.

Hope that was helpful,  

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