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Over the past couple of months I've been waking up either in the middle of the night or morning with the feeling of my arm "falling asleep". When the sensation returns it leaks all the way through my chest causing that tingling feeling to extend from my fingertips to the opposite side of my chest. This morning it was much more intense than ever. I was lightheaded and nauseous from the feeling of the blood circulating back into my arm and my chest was tight and tingling. I'm afraid I can't really explain the feeling much more but I've been awake nearly an hour and the sensation is still causing me discomfort. Severe chest pain, tingling, and ultimately causing me to panic. Is it possible that it is causing strain on my heart? Should I be concerned that this keeps occurring?  I've slept with my arms over my head for years and is never caused this problem till recently.  I'm scared to go to sleep and I'm worried it will happen again since I can't control my movement in my sleep.  My arm has regained circulation but my chest is still tense and tingling.

Hi Carol,

I just saw this question, i hope the symptoms have settled. The symptoms the way you describe them don't sound overly concerning for heart related pain and sound more like a nerve related issue. Since there is some chest pain involved, I would strongly advise however that you see someone who can take more history, examine you, get relevant tests and reassure you depending on what they find.

Hope that was helpful, .

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