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Hi dr.

I am a 27 year old chinese male, born with congenital heart disease more specifically aortic stenosis, and had balloon dilatation at age 12 and aortic valve replacement(mechanical heart valve) at age 18. On warfarin since the replacement surgery. 2 years ago i started having weird beats to my heart, which my cardiologist said nothing to worry about, i assume they were premature beats that starts too early but the heart fixes the rhythm by itself. However, yesterday, last night to be exact, just out of the blue, i was basically sitting down, and the heart went really fast for a few seconds, then comes back normal. This is definitely different to the previous premature beats, i was so scared, i had numbness in my left arm(not sure if its heart attack or whether its anxiety). I went to the GP doctor this morning and had an ecg done(attached is the file) and he said it was SVT, but have to wait for the report, but booked me in for an cardiology appointment. I am wondering whether heart attack is likely since i am on warfarin? And also, from the ECG is it really just SVT and not VT which i can die from? What do you suggest treatment? As this is the first time for this SVT/VT to happen, i am assuming it is only going to happen more and more often from now on? I am very scared but this is now weekend in australia, i cant see a cardiologist, can you please help? THank you very much for your help in advanced.

Hi Wan,

You have a history of congenital heart disease and you should be under the regular surveillance of a cardiologist who is knowledgable about these issues. You need some form of monitoring to characterize these palpitations. Your EKG at baseline shows no big abnormality but as you point out you need to make sure they are safe as in SVT as opposed to VT. Once you know what they are you can be reassured and the appropriate treatment initiated. You also need echocardiogram to assess your valve and to assess underlying heart structure and function.

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