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Heart & Cardiology/need answers so i can ask my doctor some questions, he doesn't talk much


QUESTION: I am in my 30's,
I had an abnormal heartbeat  
I have seen 2 cardiologist and had all the tests.  My 1st Cardio said only that my heart wasn't pumping well.  After she moved back to India 3 years later, I got a good Cardio.  He also gave me ALL the tests. And right after each 1 he said looks good.  Next morning after stress test he calls me early in the morning and insists I get an Angiogram.immediately.  2 days later I did.  After I woke up doctor said I had a heart attack and 1 of the vales was completely blocked.  Couldn't even put a stent/balloon in and sent me home that day..  My question---Why am I not dead?,  What is this condition called?  Why did both Cardio's think things weren't that bad after all the tests? Could i have had this all my life? what did the 2nd cardio. see that freaked him out? thnks alot


Hi, its possible to have blockages and live a good life, even total blockages. You likely have something called a chronic total occlusion which is where a vessel is totally occluded but you may not have had symptoms because the other vessels may have in part delivered blood to the affected areas. In these cases it is often best not to try stenting or other procedures first, but rather to try medicines. You may have had this for many years and the dr was likely surprised to see the blockages because you were doing so well and stable. The best advice is to take your medicines prescribed, exercise and live a good lifestyle, and if you are worried you can always ask your dr for more explanation or obtain a further opinion.

Hope that was helpful,

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QUESTION: Thank you this was very helpful, I'll give great review.  Just a couple more questions. or observations. My blood pressure is actually optimal now.  The concern is an abnormal heartbeat. He said it was not fully accepting the blood flow or fully pushing it out

  The Angiogram surgeon told me that channels were made throughout the heart--as you said with "other vessels". To make up for the closed artery.  Was he able to actually see those channels during the Angiogram or are they hidden?

Is this also known as Heart disease?

Is this something that is congenital.  Or more of an overweight and smoking issue? Or a combination of both?

Thanks for any additional info.

Hi Tod,

Yes, the vessels that have made the new channels are known as collaterals and they can be seen on the angiogram. Collaterals can be very effective.

This is a form of coronary artery disease yes, typically known as atherosclerotic heart disease

Its not congenital, its an acquired disease, coronary artery disease, several factors may contribute such as,  cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, lifestyle, genetics and others.

Hope that was helpful,  

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