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Hi, my mom is 71 she has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjögren's syndrome . She has been feeling a flip flopping in her chest that started in May . Long story short the doctor said her EKG showed PVC. All her past EKG's never showed PVC's before. She had a echo cardio gram done, the doctor said it was normal. She also had a CTA of the heart were they put the dye in the blood. She moved during the test  and it came back a little blurry, the doctor said he thinks the test came back ok from what they could see. When I take her pulse I can feel a pause in her heart beat which I guess is the PVC. They seem to happen every 3 beats or so. My question is, is having PVC'S every 3 beats  bad for someone's heart? She is the only family I have and I am very worried   all these PVC'S can damage someone's heart. Is there any blood work that can help find out were these PVC are coming from. Thank you

Hi Elena,
It's what cause the PVCs that is important, such as coronary artery disease, which has not been excluded with a 'blurry'test:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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