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Would you recommend surgery to at this point to relieve the aneurysm? The ascending aorta is dilated to 4.7cm . The anterior aortic arch measures 3.9cm . More focal dilatation of the posterior aortic to 5.15cm tapering rapidly to a diameter of 3.5cm at the superior descending aorta and 2.5 cm distal thoracic aorta. Aneurysm of proximal subclavian artery having a maximum diameter of 3.26cm . No dissection . Prostatic aortic valve . Rounded apparent filling defect involving the junction of Ivc and right atrium having a diameter of 2.5cm .This could relate to thrombus or flow of contrast versus postoperative change. May consider cardiac ultrasound evaluation . This is just beneath the aortic valve. Normal pulmonary arteries. Aortic valve replacement in sept.04, mechanical valve , blood thinner taken daily.


This is a question that would require a lot more information to answer, are you asking as a second opinion or as a first one, also i would need to see the ct scan, assess the measurements, see the nature of the focal dilatation,  and understand your clinical picture better to make a true determination and offer decent advice. A lot also depends on the difference between dimensions on serial scans. What was the opinion of the surgeon you saw, i may be able to help you with what questions to ask,

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