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Im male 43 yrs old. slightly overweight and for over 7 yrs completely inactive, which means hardly out for a walk outside due to my physical complaints i have for 7 yrs now. 7 yrs !!
Ive had numerous ECG/EKG's  , a few stress ekg's, an echocardiogram, a 24 hour holter and many trips to the ER, where they also made thorax xrays and of course the whole heart protocol. In those 7 yrs nothing out of the ordinary been found. my heart is fine , is the general consensus

i ve been to Gastroentorologist to have a gastroscopie..esophag,stomach , duodeum and everything looked fine. so this doctor also coulnt shed light on my physical problems.

What are my symptoms..?
Well it always starts with a spasm like painful contraction somewhere around ribcage..mostly more to the right , slightly right of the xiphoid process..but it can also be left on chest..its very painful and like a lighting spasm ..lasting 1 or 2 seconds mostly.. when i put my finger on my pulse than i always notice the spasm is accompanied with a palp..skipped heart..at the same time of the spasm. it scares the crap out of me..and often after that spasm i get pain on chest, many burping and i feel ..well , very bad..
i do think..also adrenaline kicks in then due to the fear of the sensation, so my heart does some flip flops, and races.. and the burping..
the weird thing of all, it feels like its positional related..so when i bend over, raise my arms above my head, put pressure on ribs, or laugh and even when just plain walking.. i get these 'spasms' more often. again, i caught them many times and my pulse feels like skipping

due to the fear i have for this sensation..cause its extremely painful and it gets my attention i feel like s-h-i-t- afterwards..burping, chest pain, racing heart, fear of dying sometimes..so panic after that spasm..) i now im waay to inactive.
i do not move much..in the most normal way of the word..im not talking sports !! no movement..like walking..walking 10 min a day is very long for me. no kiddin'.. i always fear the spasm and the feeling afterwards.. its a hell for me.. my private hell.
i have two kids and a wife and i cant do anything with them cause of these spasms..

The weird part is my cardiologist says ..your heart is fine..you can do every sport.. but i cant even walk..or when i clean the bathroom and i bend over here we go again..
sometimes i do feel it has to do with pressure from under ribcage..like gas or so.. cause when i have more pressure and gnawing there..well more spasms..

again..i had gastroscopy last week ..2nd time and everything looks great. i have omeprazol..so no acid reflux my gastroenterologist said..it looked great.
she referred me as it might be heart related..?? so back to square one.
but all my test till now from cardio..came back negative


1) my last ECG showed..and more do..Borderline ECG with minor non specific t wave inversions.. mostly always lead 3..and now it also said..another one.. non specific and borderline.. but i always here..not a problem... why isnt this a problem?

2) What could this spasm be? When its always the same time as the feeled pulse skip? and if it is just a skipped beat..like PVC..why is it so painful..not forceful..but pain..like lightning, spasm?

3) could there be vagus involvement..?  diaphragm has slight hiatal hernia..still my gastroenterologist doesnt think it is the problem

4) Why does this spasm occur with movement?

5) If no one knows WHAT it is exactly..how do i know its ok?

Im really in need for more advice

thanks in advance

Hi Richard,
All your tests are negative: your symptoms are not cardiac or GI related and you should consider anxiety is a reason for your complaints; not uncommon:
This also means you have no excuse for not exercising!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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