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Hi Doctor. I have started to have this fluttering sensation in my chest two years ago after drinking very heavily and was very nervous. I had all of the usual tests done with a cardiologist (stress/echo/EKG/Holter/30 Day) with all tests coming back normal.  Like most people, it was chalked up to anxiety or the alcohol.  Finally, I did a 30 day holter monitor and they were able to catch these fluttering sensations on the monitor (they were/are very infrequent - at least feeling them).  My cardiologist suggested they are PVCS and called it an arythmia that we did not need to worry about.  I continue to have these very random fluttering sensations and not much else occurs; within a few seconds everything is normal. I check my heart rate it doesn't tend to speed up and it is literally an uncomfortabnle fluttering/strange sensation in my chest/neck area that makes me take a deep breathe.  

However, I have been reading about Atrial Flutter and AFIB which have extremely similar sensations/symptoms. When you get all of these tests done, is it obvious to the cardiologist that I have PVCS vs AFIB? Do PVCs turn into AFIB or are these two things totally separate issues.   I just get worried I have AFIB which seems to be a different animal vs benign PVCS. Also, I am going to be totally honest, I do have a very active social life which involves drinking almost every weekend.  I am assuming I need to change this behavior.  

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi James,
AF and PVCs are very different and if your cardiologist told you don't have to worry, you shouldn't. Please read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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