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Dear Doctor,

I have some panic attacks in which my heart beats fast (115 beats per minute, more or less) for 7-8 continuous hours, even if I'm no longer exposed to the cause of that panic, nor thinking about it. Then it'll return to beating normally.
I've had this situation 3 times in a 2 months duration.

My question is that, are there any risks of my heart beating fast for hours? Should I be worried?
I know that I should deal with the panic first, but this increasing in heart rate is adding to my panic.

I'm a 24-year-old young lady, weighing 41 kg, non-smoker, non-drinker, and don't have any diseases or health conditions, and don't take any medicines.

Thank you very much,
Duha Mohammad

Hi Duha,
I cannot tell from here whether it is the panic attack causing your HR to accelerate or the other way around ( I think the first): you need to be examined by a doctor and get some testing done/
Hope this helps,
Dr T  

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