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I am a 60-year-old Caucasian male, non-smoker, who recently presented to a cardiologist for palpitations, SOB and light-headiness. There has been no CP.

I underwent TTE, nuclear stress test and 24-hour Holter.

Results: left ventricular ejection fraction is 60%; Borderline left ventricular hypertrophy; mild diastolic dysfunction with NORMAL left ventricular filling pressures; mildly dilated left atrium; mildly dilated right atrium; mild mitral annular calcification; mildly thickened mitral valve; mild aortic regurgitation; mild aortic valve sclerosis without stenosis; mildly elevated pulmonary systolic pressure.
Stress test: EKG negative for ischemia. Normal perfusion. Normal left ventricular size & contractility. Ejection fraction = 66%.
24-hour Holter: Sinus rhythm, PR and QRS are WNL. 901 single VE's with bigeminy & trigeminy. 7,315 single sve's. 56 paired. 1 run of SVT.

I'm on metropolol 50mg BID, Losartin 50mg once daily, HCTZ 25mg once daily. These are all meds I've been on for years for HTN.

Suggestions to stop or decrease these palpitations?

Hi Craig,
Those palpitations can be hard to treat, and Beta blockers such as metopropol are usually used to reduce their frequency. The important fact is that all your heart tests came out negative. Whether you should switch to another drug is a matter you should discuss with your cardiologist. None will eliminate them, however.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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