Dr. Pearl, Hi.  I have a question regarding Blood THINNERS.
What determines whether a person should be given blood thinners and how is dosage determined. For example my Mom is elderly, small in statute. She was on coumadin and now on Pradaxa, both have bad negative effect
My question is this is everyone with AFIB given a blood thinner, is everyone after a certain age given blood thinners,
What are the determining factors. Why not use Asprin
Thank you for your help Kenny

Most patients with atrial fibrillation should be on blood thinners. Aspirin is not strong enough and does not provide enough of a benefit to prevent stroke. The newer blood thinners such as Pradaxa have a better risk/benefit ratio compared with Coumadin. The older the patient more important it is for them to be on blood thinners

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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