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Heart & Cardiology/Faintness and increase of over 48 BPM when standing, worried help?



I don't know if this type of question is in your expertise but I thought I'd give asking it a shot. For a long while now I've suffered with faintness that was intermittent. More recently it has became pretty much constant when I stand up. Yesterday I noticed that my heart rate dramatically increases when I stand up, increasing by up to 50 beats per minute (measured with an iPhone app). And I can feel the palpitation.

When lying down, the rate is around 75-90. But when standing up it can go up to 130 almost immediately. I took a few readings earlier:
Lying down 77 BPM;
Immediately after standing 115 BPM;
After standing for 2 minutes 166 BPM;
5 minutes 126;
Then I sat down and it was back to 73 after 2 minutes.

I can't help but be worried about this, and was just wondering whether it is normal for it to increase by that large a number of beats (this has only started happening within the last couple of months). For a little background information, I'm a teenage female, 5'9 height if that helps any.

Thank you.

It sounds like you have orthostatic hypotension. If you have heavy periods, it could be that you are anemic. You need to start with your general doctor. If he cannot provide an answer then you should see a cardiologist. It could be a form of neurocardiogenic syncope.

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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