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Good day Dr Pearl.  My husband suffered from chronic kidney disease.  His GFR fluctuates between 14 and 20.  He suffers from CAD and two years ago had two stents inserted.
He has iron deficiency anemia and has an iron diffusion done about a month ago.  His Hb is now 9.3.
He has recently been hospitalised for Hyperkalemia where his Potassium levels were 7.4.
In the last two months, the latest being last week, he has been hospitalised for terrible breathlessness.
The cardiologist said that his ProBNP levels were over 10000pg/ml and his Troponin levels were slightly elevated at 35ng/l. Two months ago he suffered a DVT for no particular reason and he is now on Warfarin for life.
Please could you tell me if he has congestive heart failure and give me some idea about his prognosis.  Thank you

It does sound like he has congestive heart failure. Without a lot more information I cannot comment on his prognosis. If he truly does have congestive heart failure then there is a 50% 5 year mortality. He should see a cardiologist who specializes in congestive heart failure.

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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