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I am 35 and don't drink and was recently diagnosed (no biopsy) as having a fatty liver. I am overweight but pretty far from obese. My concern is having a fatty liver makes it hard to turn fat into energy and makes a person desensitized to insulin. I assume I need to cut out all fatty food but particularly anything with excess sugar. But when it comes to cardio exercise how do I know if my energy is becoming too low that I might lose awareness and hit the pavement?

Also does high triglycerides cause fatty liver or does fatty liver cause high triglycerides?

Increased exercise of both aerobic and weight resistance would be helpful. High triglycerides will lead to fatty liver.
Ask you doctor about starting on Actos which helps fatty liver, sugar and triglycerides. Also you should be on a low carb diet.

Good luck!!!

Dr. P

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