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Denise wrote at 2014-04-25 16:05:00
I'm NOT a smoker and this is my 14th day with a Holter monitor after experiencing episodes as you describe, but for a day and a half the first time (every few minutes to several times an hour), then a day long episode about a month and a half later. I don't feel pain or dizziness, not light-headed or weak. No other real symptoms besides the feeling in my chest that I describe more as a sinking type feeling, and the missed beats. I checked the pulse during the incidents and noticed when I felt the sinking feeling, I was missing a beat. I'm a very healthy female, turning 50 this year. Exercise daily, eat well, 5'6" 138 pounds. After wearing this Holter for 2 weeks, there was no episode (the two that I've had gave no warning and came out of the blue). I read up and see that it's not that uncommon for missed beats, but I started worrying about maybe plaque breaking off and lodging somewhere causing this? Very worrisome!

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