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  My air handler is a Comfortmaker, 15 y/o, model BYMBO24/030G (electric heat), and compressor on the roof of my condo is a 8 y/o Trane, unknown model number. My condo is 1,000 square feet. The Comfortmaker drain pan has rusted and is being held together by the insulation on the outside of it. My serviceman has warned me to replace it as soon as possible, since my electric water heater rests directly underneath it, where the air intake is located. The blower still runs, and it cools well. What is the best option? Try to replace the coils and pan, purchase a new a/c handler, or replace both compressor and handler? One serviceman says a new handler would not work with the 8 y/o Trane because of different refridgerant.

ANSWER: That makes little sense, unless a comfortmaker is the only brand that will fit in the closet and that company only makes the nre 410-A systems.  I highly doubt that.  If you were in Florida, I'd just coeme out and look at it and drop an estimate for you.  Since you probably aren't here, lol, I'd suggest measuring the space you have in the closet for the new handler.  width of the closet, height between the stand it sits on to about two feet from the ceiling, so you have enough duct to tie into, and the depth of the closet that you have to work with.  You SHOULD change the rooftop as well, because a price on doing them individually will be more than the both at the same time and you will probably only get a few more years out of that condensor.  Besides, depending on the brands, Trane doesn't work great with them all so it rally makes sense to put like-systems together.  Changing anything on the handler now is pointless at that age, it will start going piece by piece now and it makes sense to swap it out.  As far as the freon goes, I'd need to know the model # on the roof OR the compressor #, and I'd call Trane with that info and they would tell me.  My guess is that you can do the same, so that's how I would determine it.  Sounds like your contractor wants to sell you both units, which DOES make sense, but lied about refrigerants being different.  As I said, he MAY have been truthful because only a few types of units will fit in the closet or something like that and they may only come in 410A now and not R22, but I am REASONABLY sure that I could find a R22 system to install in your closet that would fit, work well, and MAYBE work well with the Trane you already have.  Hope I helped, and it is a shame you aren't down by

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QUESTION:  I do live in Southwest Florida.....the serial number(s) attached  to the Trane compressor is:  Z192UMY3F,  TTR025C100A4. The air handler is a 2 ton unit.
I was given a quote for a Trane air handler: $2,200 and combined with a new compressor of $5,000 - ouch. A quote for a Ruud air handler was $1800. It's ironic - I've had this place for 15years, and just last fall I had to replace the hot water heater, refrigerator and carpet due to a bad leak. The costs of home ownership, what an investment!
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