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Todd wrote at 2013-09-07 15:08:08
Just had a new gas furnace installed. Starting problems right off. Would ignite for 2 seconds then shut down. When access door is OFF it works fine. Are you ready for this answer? There is a direction baffel installed at the factory in the hole the fresh air comes in. The Installer glued the 2" pvc to it as would be normal. The fins in the baffel directed the air AWAY from the burner tubes starving the ignition of air.We cut the fins out and the unit runs fine!!!

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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Bill Brainard


I can solve most heating related problems with furnaces and air conditioners(natural gas,propane, electric)(no oil or heat pumps) & some boilers and most control problems. Iam a heating & air cond contractor with 30 some years behind me. I spent 12 years working for Sears doing this type of work.


I have graduated from 10 or 12 factory schools on gas furnaces ( 70%, 80%, 90%+ AFUE), basic air conditioning, air conditioning service, advanced air conditioning, oil furnaces, wall furnaces, floor furnaces, air handlers, coils, compressors, multi-speed (1 speed to 12 speed) furnaces, mobile home furnaces and air conditioners etc...

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