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Hi, I have a york furnace thats about 12 years old. Last summer the a/c outside started leaking freon and would no longer function. A hvac company came out when my furnace would not ignite and replaced the igniter. Two days later i noticed that it will ignite stay lit for maybe 3-5 minutes then go out, then relite about 10 minutes later. The technician said it was because the a/c coil located in the bottom of furnace is blocking air flow and needs to be removed(not fixing a/c)my furnace doesnt blow very hard through vents. My question is, could this be the issue or something else and is it safe to continue to use?? Plz help

What the technician was saying is that the AC coil is dirty and blocking the air flow, However there are other things that can cause the same problem.
Your furnace/return duct could have a dirty air filter, there  could be something obstructing the return air grill/grills?
I don't know how your system is installed, ducts, grills, location, sizes etc.
Evidently the the furnace is not getting enough air which causes the furnace to over heat and shut the burners off on a safety "limit", when the furnace cools enough it lights again.
the limit as long as it's functioning will keep the furnace safe but it needs to be corrected, check your filter, return grills.

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