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Due to noise issues, we are moving a 4-ton Trane unit farther away from the house - about 80' from compressor to air handler.
My installer recommends using 1 1/8" for the suction line, and says 3/8 is OK for the pressure line.  Another installer (a friend) says to go with 1/2" when using 1 1/8.
What do you say?


Here's Trane's Application Guide #APP-APG006-EN.

You didn't say what refrigerant the system uses, or whether it's single or two stage. I've assumed R410A single stage.

1-1/8" suction lines are only permitted on 4 ton AC systems, prohibited on 4 ton heat pump systems (Table 3, footnote 3). Having said that, the 7/8" losses are negligible (2% at 140 feet), and oil return would be better with the smaller size. 1/2" looks good for the liquid.



PS: Follow Trane's recommendations for "sleeving" underground tubing, don't just bury the tubing in the ground; and don't permit any inaccessible joints.

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