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Our central air system isn't working properly and I say that because when the air comes on, only two of the rooms get nice and cold and the other ones, especially on the other side, don't get cold at all-barely comfortable and then we even have to turn on the fan. A  Sears home improvement man came and told me our unit was too big- 1460 sq. ft. for our house- it is a 3 ton unit. However, he later said it really won't affect the function of it. He went up to the attic and told me that we needed a new plenum because the one we had was not distributing the air as it should because there is an addition to the end of the existing one because it wasn't cooling at all back 3 years ago and a supposedly technician came and added a part so that the air would flow more. However, it is added at the end and the Sears specialist said that the open areas should be all in the front so that the air could circulate to all the rooms. Is this true? I am trusting him as he drew a picture of what it looks like and the way it should look like to work efficiently. He is not going to do the work because he came in to talk about changing our windows so he has nothing to gain.  Can anybody do this work of adding a new plenum or does it have to be a specialist? Thank you.


At face value a 3 ton system should be able to move air in all rooms at @1460 sq.ft. residence.Also at face value your oversized in tonnage. The Sears person has been trained in Home Improvement ( windows ) doubt he is an expert in HVAC, he may know something about ductwork , t buguessing he does not have any type of licensee in the trade.He is relieing that Sears gets the job.You did not mention if your system or the Sears rep. mention if you have balancing dampers or splitter dampers in your supply duct.If you have manual balancing dampers ,you just may need to balance your ductwork.( you can google manual balancing dampers for residential ductwork ) If you do not have balancing dampers you can buy and install, minimal cost item, They are mounted on the branch ducts where the branch line hooks to the main duct. Hopefully your duct work is sized correctly to move 3 tons of CFM.Your blower fan speed may need to be set at a higher speed. ( most blower motors are multi speeds ) your indoor coil may be partially dirty, restricting air flow across the coil. You can also call a reputable HVAC Contractor(s) and get some suggestions , most probably would check it for free and give recommendations.( if they get the bid that free check up is added into the price anyway ) nothing is really free.

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