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I came home this past Friday to a cold house. The thermostat was calling for heat but my American Standard Freedom 90 was not running and not even trying. The red LED on the PC board is flashing 3 times to indicate an inducer error. I removed the lower cover and pushed the cover switch and the LED comes back with steady flash every second or so but still the inducer does not even attempt to run. After shutting off power for approximately 30 minutes and trying again it comes back with the 3 flash inducer error. Any ideas?


If your power vent motor is not starting on a call for heat , possibly your motor is bound up, or your not getting voltage to the motor. Double check all your limit controls, such as a roll out limit ( If you have one ) some are manually resettable,some are not. Check your wiring diagram for limits . Also try jumping out your t-stat at the furnace low voltage wires R to W should start your furnace, you may have to jumper G also which starts your blower fan. Make sure your blower door panel is installed as your model furnace may have a door switch

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