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We recently had our roof replaced and there was a  place where decking rotted and they had to replace some support beams while replacing decking. They told me ac unit may be in level now. I called insurance and they will probably fix it but have to wait till Monday. When I run unit I hear a humming noise coming from attic. Am I damaging anything by turning on heat and letting it run? Think it is the fan motor vibrating maybe??  Thank you

It's hard telling what the problem is from where I'm sitting?
I assume the furnace in your attic run's and heats the house as it always did with the exception of the vibration.
It's hard telling what the workers did around the furnace? I doubt if they would admit to any wrong doing.
If the furnace was moved out of kilter  it may vibrate enough to gradually move more from the vibration.
It may be perfectly safe and then again it might be a problem if it puts strain on a gas or electrical connection.

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