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Hi Joseph,
We bought a house over the summer that has hydro air.  Everything was fine until the weather got cold and we turned on the heat.  Now, our shower water is only luke warm.  Is this because the water is constantly being used to heat the coils?  Is there a way to make the water hotter?  There is no temperature gauge on the water heater.


I'm guessing at this ,but in my opinion the previous owner had the same problem. Could be a design issue,or was not installed correctly. What is the history your system ?? If it worked fine the previous years, and your using a water heater for your heat source ( and not a boiler ) You should have a circulator pump for your heating coil feeding your air handler and a zone valve that would open on a call for heat. Perhaps the zone valve is not closing when your heat is not calling  zone valve should be located in your air handler.Perhaps the previous owners kept the hot water temperature at a lower setting than you would like. Somewhere on the water heater there should be a aquastat to increase the water temperature . Also you may have a mixing valve/tempering valve that controls your domestic water temperture that you need to increase to get warmer water.How far away is your shower from the water heater , does the water pipe feeding your shower travel inside a cold chase and cooling the water before it reaches the shower? is your water temperature at your faucets throughout your residence luke warm also???? if not to me it's something with the way the pipes were run to the shower, or you have a excessive long run.How is the water temperature from the faucet in the bathroom with this shower, lukewarm??

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