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A follow-up question to my previous question.  I've identified the Thermocouple is attached to a small metal plate along with pilot light.  The metal plate is attached with two screws.  I looses the screws so I can pull the whole unit out but the screw just spin and the metal plate doesn't dis-attach. Am I doing something wrong in order to gain access to the thermocouple?

Should I assume that you lit the pilot light and you held the button for 20-30 seconds, let loose of the button and the pilot went off?
Now your going to replace the thermocouple?
Did you already get a new thermocouple from some place like Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware.
When you get a replacement thermocouple it most likely will be in a plastic bag package with a picture and directions for installing, removing is just the opposite of installing.
The thermocouples are for universal mounting and there are several different mounting gismos, you pick the one like you have on yours.
You don't have to remove the pilot or the bracket that holds the thermocouple, the thermocouple should either unscrew or unsnap from the bracket.

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