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I have an old Mars Furnace that works well enough and with the cold weather I want to use it again.  I turned it on and it blow cold air so evidently the pilot went out.  The instructions say to make sure burner gas valve and pilot value are closed and then open pilot valve and light pilot and afterwards open burner gas valve.  The problem I have is I can't seem to find and identify the burner gas valve or the pilot light.  If I open one end I can only see the blower.  The other end has a same door that opens but it is difficult to see inside because of the angle and even more difficult to access the inside.  I looked online for a owners manual that would provide a diagram but couldn't find anything.  Any help?

I don't know the "Mars" furnace?
The brand name isn't as impotent as the type such as, up-flow, down-flow, gravity, horizontal etc.
I think it probably has a bad thermocouple that needs replacing, costs about $10 if you do it your self but you have to access the control's compartment.

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