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My mom has an old Natural Gas Williams Wall Furnace.  The pilot light works fine but the burners will come on only when I jumper the red and white wires in the thermostat.  I tried replacing the thermostat but it seems as though the pilot generator may not be producing enough milliamps to activate the call for heat via the thermostat.  The thermostat is the old simple mechanical contacts type and the thermostat is located clear across a 20 foot room.  Is this problem something you have encountered before?  As well, any other troubleshooting advice would be appreciated.  Thanks, Dan

Using a meter that will allow one to do so, the millivolt signal needs to be checked.  It is also important that a thermostat be rated to work with with a millivolt system.  Not all t-stats are rated to do so.  I would think that if there was an issue, then it would not work at all.  I would lean more towards a t-stat issue then anything else at this point.


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