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QUESTION: Hello.  We have a new portable swamp cooler.  The instructions say to use SAE 40 grade oil to oil the pump and motor to avoid jamming when not in use.  What does the jamming part mean - do we oil it now because its off season?  Also,  the SAE 40 grade oil I assume is non-detergent and not the type you use in your car.  I am having difficulty finding it - any suggestions?  Thanks so much!

I don't know what make or model your portable cooler is?
Swamp coolers rarely have oil places/cap's for oiling motors or pumps.
most all have permanently  sealed lubricated motors from the factory,
The squirrel cage blower might have oilers? again the style of your cooler?
Regardless if it takes oil it would need only a drop or two once a year.
You can use 10W30 motor oil, no problem.

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QUESTION: Hello again.  Thanks for the answer.  It is a Symphony Sumo-J portable evaporative air cooler. It has a squirrel cage blower and it is the portable air cooler we've had.  Is the oil we should be using considered to be non-detergent?  Thanks, again!

just use regular automotive, or you can use 3in1 household oil, it won't hurt a thing, just use a couple of drops at the begining of the cooling season, don't over oil becuse to much oil can get on the rubber mounts and make the soft.
In my 60 some years of servicing swamp coolers I never had a problem with any type oil from sewing machine oil to automotove 10W40 motor oil.
I don't know what the "Jamming" thing is all about?

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