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Clare Megasave (approx. 20 years old) propane fuel- HCI module (50E47-70)was replaced 15 years ago with 50E47-170. Working fine till now. Unit purges and lights but after lighting,flame goes out. This happens three times, then red light on HSI module flashes steady. Inline switch allows me to reset HCI module and try again. Sometimes it lights and cycles correctly on first try, sometimes on second or third try, sometimes it goes into fault again. An HVAC tech whom I trust seems puzzled by it. He advised me to make sure drain off of heat exchanger is not plugged which I did but no help. Your thoughts sir? ps. 50E47-170 is available on Amazon for $160, but they also have 50E47-843(universal HSI) for $80. Do you think it would be compatible?

All those model numbers?
Don't mean anything to me, I would have to research the web a half day to see what they are?
a furnace is a furnace, What I need is if the burner lights every time and how long it stays lit such as x amount of seconds, minutes?
Also when the burner shuts off prematurely you need to be at the furnace to see how many flashes the LED light flashes as a signal, there should be a legend stuck on the furnace that tells what so many flashes means.

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