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We are looking for a new AC system.  The AC company did a manual J calculation and told us our home needs a 3 Ĺ ton system.  They want to up size to a 4 ton system because it will be a variable speed system and does not come in Ĺ ton sizes.  Is it proper to up size a variable speed AC system?  Iíve read it should not be done with single stages and can cause problems.  
Thank you for your help.

Mold Growth within Fibrous Glass Duct
Mold Growth within Fib  

Never upsize the unit. To do so is to invite a situation wherein the unit never runs at high speed, cycling on low speed only, with resultant poor humidity control. You'd be much better off with a three ton two stage: Long hours at low speed, cycling up to high speed during very hot weather. Temperature may "float" a degree or two, but there will be continuous air movement and humidity control will be excellent.

Be sure they perform the required duct survey (ACCA Manuals J & RS), and report any sanitary (mold? dirt?), design or installation issues (undersized ducts, high resistance fittings, restricted flex, etc.) that need to be corrected. This is especially important if you have any fibrous glass duct (see image).


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