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New boiler on the market Firebird oil condensing at 91.5 % www.firebirdboilers.us .I know there are at least couple brands that have ratings this high or higher ,Peerless Pinnacle series and Buderus. your thoughts/experience on this brand

I do not have any experience with this brand.

What is plain from reading any manufacturer's literature concerning condensing equipment is that you will only get the high ratings described if you are installing the condensing boiler on a system designed to operate at lower water temperatures.  If you have standard copper fin or cast baseboard rads, or convectors your system was probably designed to receive 160 to 200 degree water, and return it about 20 degrees cooler.  You really need temperatures of 140 or less to condense flue gases in a boiler.

Further, the boiler will be oversized for the home, unless you install multiple smaller boilers.    The boiler cannot make adjustments to its firing rate in response to demand created by the weather.  Two or more boilers can "lead, and lag" to better match the demand.

If you currently have an old boiler with a large amount of water in the boiler, and you remove that water volume when you install the new compact boiler you could be heading for a disappointment. If you have multiple small zones (multiple thermostats in the home controlling the radiators) which you shut off, or set back, you could have problems with short-cycling of a new boiler. You really need a buffer tank installed with systems with multiple small zones.


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