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The outside AC unit is making a loud, random clanging/rattling noise while the fan is operating.  It is a metal on metal sound and there is not pattern to it.  When I look inside I do see a long, thin metal piece sticking out from the side but it's below the fan.  Perhaps that gets swept up into the fan blade by the updraft?  Also, the noise doesn't always happen.  I put the unit on last night and the noise didn't happen when the repairman was here.  Good timing :o)  Anyway, any hints you could provide would be appreciated.  Have a great day.


If this is a Heat Pump, and you live in a snow climate , possible ice is freezing a a fan blade throwing the balance of, short of tightening all the sheetmetal panels,and outdoor motor support brackets,your fan blades may not be aligned dead vertical ,try free spinning the outdoor fan blade and notice if it's closer to the frame than the opposite side, basically the fan blade ends should be somewhere around 1/2" from the frame, uniform all the way around.Possible the motor bearings are going, ( if a ball bearing motor ) Not sure what you are describing when you say "a long thin metal piece sticking out from the side but it's below the fan " unless that is where they ran the outdoor motor wires through a conduit, which is a common practice, usually that piece is hard plastic.

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