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hi craig , hope you can help, we have just taken over a live music venue ,and it has a mitsubisi ceiling air con unit installed. now unfourtunatly i dont as yet know the exat model, but it does work, my question is could you tell me how to set it so it gives out heat? the controls are digital and wall mounted, unfortunatly the prior owners didnt leave any instructions, and i was hopeing someone like yourself could help, if its a simple thing and im just thick please tell me. thankyou, we are located in the uk, so our winters can be cold and wet as you probably know, thankyou.

You need to determine if the unit has the capacity to heat.  Not all do.  The nameplate will have that info on it.  A model number can also tell what type of unit, like if is a heatpump.  I do not know the brand well enough to help sight unseen without at least a model number to boot.


Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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