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I built a raised patio. Beneath the patio is a completely enclosed storage area (about 600 sq. ft.) with a standard exterior door. There is no heating, air conditioning or ventilation, although I do have electric supply (120 v) to the area for outlet and lighting. The storage area is nearly air tight.  The walls are concrete block, the floor is concrete paver, and the ceiling is steel beam supporting galvanized steel pan that supports the concrete patio above.  I am experiencing a lot of condensation on the steel ceiling.  What is the simplest and most practical way to eliminate the condensation? Thanks.

Bill, the condensation comes from cold on one side and warm on the other,I don't know what the temperatures are in the storage area or the patio above, if they were closer to equal it most likely would eliminate the condensation?
Ventilating the storage area might help?
A bucket of charcoal in each corner of the storage area could eliminate the condensation for a time, I don't know how long before changing it, you'd have to try it out.
An electric heater may work but a bit more expensive to operate.

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