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Hi, Mike,
We're told that we should maintain at least 50 degrees throughout the house during the winter, or else our baseboard pipes will break. Why would they break without the heat on? Is it because the water in the pipes would freeze, expand, and thus burst open the pipes? If so, would it be okay to drain the water from the pipes and leave them empty throughout the year? Would that harm the baseboard system in any way? It's a waste of energy to keep the entire house heated when parts of it isn't used. Thank you in advance for your answer.

You can drain it, but there is no guarantee that you will not get it all.  This is due to low spots in the piping.  It is possible that this water will freeze, and break the pipe.

You can also add anti-freeze to the system.  Propylene glycol type is usually OK with most manufacturers, but you should check.  Also, don't overdo it, as glycol decreases heat transfer out of the radiators, and dereases the efficiency of cirulator pumps.  

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