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Our Trane heat pump (10 years old) needs a new compressor.  We had 2 tech's comfirm.  The emergency heat was working.  The 2nd tech told me to flip the switch in the house to emergency heat.  After this, the emergency heat will not come on.  It's getting cold in here.  We have tried to put it back on normal like we had it, but no matter what we try the emergency heat will not come on.  Not sure why or what to try next until we can get the compressor installed.

Emergency heat is just an electric heat strip inside your air handler that gets hot, it has nothing to do with the heat pump or compressor.
I don't know what switch you "flipped"?
Check the electric breaker switch in your breaker box that services the 220/240 volts to your air handler.
There may also be switches on the outside of the unit, turn the switches off all the way with a little pressure to reset them and then turn them back on.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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