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I have a trane 4twx3 and a 4twr2 heat pumps.  The units have 1" pleated filters on the returns at the rooms.  They also have honeywell f100 media air cleaners installed in the returns near the unit.  Finally, there is another 1" pleated filter at the unit.  Are all of these restrictions (3 Filters) hurting the system and/or efficiency?  Could I just run the filters at the rooms and remove the f100 and 1" pleated filters (still filters and keeps the ducts clean)?

Thanks for your time and knowledge.
Any suggestions are also appreciated.

All you really need is the "f100 media air cleaners" but the return air duct between the return air grill and the unit is going to get a bit over dusty in time, you can take the pleated filter out of the air cleaner and just let the room filter collect the pre dirt and dust and the air cleaner the finer particals.
I don't know how your filters are installed at the rooms or what size they are? your systems should get a minimum of 200 square inches of free area for the air to pass through.

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