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Joseph,  I am going to be coverting my furnace to nat. gas from propane.  I have the orfices I found in a bag hanging on the wall next to the furnace. I didn't find a spring under the screw on top of the gas valve.  I did notice that there is a inlet pressure tap and outlet pressure tap on the sides of the valve.  Is this an adjustble valve as I know I have to go from 11" to 3
1/2" water column.I'm not sure about what to do to the gas valve for this coversion? I would appreciate any info you can give me.
The furnace is an American Standard Freedom 90 Two Stage.  It is about 20 years old.  Thanks alot, Rick


If the orifices your talking about are several brass screw in plugs with a orifice that go on the burner main tube, that would be a start,( remove the propane rated ones for the natural ) Hopefully they are the correct size orifice number for your furnace. the other parts are a very fine spring(s) usually color coded, propane spring(s) may be yellow, while natural may be red ( or vise versa ) and possible a ball bearing. It may be more safer for you to buy the natural gas valve instated of converting back to natural. Where is the instructions for the conversion??.it should show you how to convert it, and where everything goes. Yes 3.5" is typical for natural gas depending on altitude. most cases around 3.5" will work at the outlet pressure tap.Inlet pressure tap is your gas coming into the furnace.

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