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QUESTION: Gas package unit not working so I turn on and switch t state to heat. The ignitor ignited flame came on but now blowing so unit kicked off. Checked windings and two was ol. So replaced motor and new cap and turned on and the motor just guna. Any help greatly appreciated!

ANSWER: Jason I understood the question up " AND THE MOTOR JUST GUNA " . I did not understand what happened. Can you send it to me again and explain what happened with the motor? Thanks J

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sry about the type error .After replacing the blower motor for open windings got new motor to specs on old motor except new motor was 1.5 amps more than original. Other than that 208/230 variable speed 1075 high speed. After installing new motor new cap 10 Mf. It was working good. Two months later show up and motor is humming. Check cap and was 9.5mf +-5% . I don't know why if motor is two months old. Please help me understand any help useful!

Make sure the connections to the motor are good and be sure to replace the capacitor again also. It really does not make much sense the motor ran for two months. If the motor was defective it should not have ran this long. Also check whatever device is making it variable speed, the control may have failed. Thanks J

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