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Hi and thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.  This may be a bit too detailed, but trying to provide all you need.  We live in Florida, so don't need the heat often.  I just usually take the chill out of the air in the am.  We have a 5 year old International Comfort Products PAM3 Series Package Air Conditioner with again, heating problems(EHMA Series Electric Heaters for PAM3 Series Package).  Last year, I discovered  the relay switch was fried, I replaced that.  The heat didn't come on as fast as I thought I should, so we bought a whole new ICP heater kit, which probably wasn't needed as after waiting about 30 mins, it worked.  (This was in Jan of this year).  I turned the heat on once last month briefly and all worked. Two days ago with this cold spell, I tried to turn it on again, it blows but only cold air.  I checked the relay and all the wires, and everything appears to be ok (the entire new kit is in there now).  So, I switched the old element back in as the sensor switch seemed to not push as well on the top of the element..nothing..so this am, I put the new element back in with the old switch on the element, still blows, smelled a little of that "burning" scent when turned on, yet after 30 mins or so, still no heat...my next thought is to put all the new parts back on (switch on top of the element) and maybe put a new relay switch on the panel???  The fuse is fine, again, all of the wires appear to be fine, I did slightly tighten a ?? female metal connector?? on the end of a wire that was a little loose.  Sadly, I don't have any OHM testers right now, so i am just switching out parts that appear loose to try to get it working...I could just buy a whole new heater kit, but seems silly when nothing looks burnt or bad...any ideas or suggestions??  I will go try to switch out that relay that was burnt last year, just to see as that is the only thing left that I haven't switched out...I could deal with it for awhile and keep a fire in the fireplace :) but, my mother in law is on her way and just am pulling may hair out that it worked last month and not now.  We went two years with no heat as my husband didn't notice the burnt relay.  So I got frustrated, took it apart and found it lol, so now fixing the heat has become my job...again, any questions or assistance would be greatly appreciated, we can in no way sadly, call our A/C people out on a holiday weekend, and they are usually great.  Sorry to bother you on a Sunday and a holiday, but again, I appreciate any insight your expertise may provide.
Jenna Howell
Okeechobee, FL

You have an issue and it is going to require a meter and knowledge on how to use it to determine what the problem is.  It is an electrical issue and can not be fixed properly without troubleshooting with a meter.  You could change out every part and it still not work.

Jenna, I received a message from Frank, please contact him as he might be able to help you out.  


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