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My apt. has a combination electric heating and cooling unit.
It is in a locked closet so I can not even look at it.
The heater has been malfunctioning for at least three years.
I checked the in vent temp. with a thermometer and it only came up ten degrees in ten minutes. Room temp came up almost nothing.
I contacted management and was given the regular pooh pooh.
I can set in my living and feel mostly cold air blowing on me.
All repairs here are handled by a handy man who obviously has
no HVAC expertise. Management feels that I am just being a cranky old man.

I am still unsure of the type of heat you may have. All electric especially with cooling also usually indicates this is a heat pump, but it could be mechanical electric cooling with electric strip heat, but in either case, if you test the air temperature at the return as close to the filter as possible and then at a supply air vent close to the fan section, there should be close to a 20 degree temperature difference at any given indoor temperature. If you read a 65 degree return air temp you should be close to an 85 degree supply air temp. If you are not close to a 20 degree difference in return and supply you have a valid complaint and I would just keep complaining as you are paying for a comfortable place to be and if it is too cold it can not be comfortable. Let me know, thanks J

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With 25+ years experience, I am familiar with residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC equipment including but not limited to boilers, chillers, reciprocating and screw compressors. I am trained in all manners of control wiring.


I currently have three HVAC licenses and Refrigeration license by the State of North Carolina. I have been in this field for over twenty years. I have been a service technician for a contractor and also worked at a state college in the repair and maintenance of steam lines and equipment. I am currently the Building Maintenance Superintendent for a municipality.

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