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QUESTION: fan won't run.  Put in new capacitor.  Guess when they installed, put jard 50va transformer on.  This is warm.  Motor is not.  There is a fuse on the line that I think goes to tremo but not blown.  Ideas

ANSWER: jay,
I can't follow your question to well, about all I got is "fan won't run".
If the "fan" your talking about is the main circulation blower you need to check the 110 volt power source to see if the motor is getting 110/120 power, check the power from blower motor back to where the 110 originates.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes main blower for the upstairs heat.  Fan won't come on even if I switch from auto to run.  Seems power goes through this transformer which is not on any of the diagrams in the book.  Pic attached.  Can I swap this with any 50va transformer?  Found on on ebay but like to get heat fixed tomorrow.  Grainer has many, but not this one.

The transformer your showing is a 24 volt transformer, the thermostat and the controls it feeds are all 24 volt,
I don't have reference literature for looking up "ruud ubha-17j14sfaa" you need to tell me what it is such as example "gas forced air furnace" or "heat pump" etc?
The 24 volt transformer sends 24 volt power to the thermostat, the thermostat sends the 24 volt power to controls needed depending on what the thermostat is set on and what it is controlling such as heat, or cool, fan, etc.
When your thermostat is set to heat and the thermostat is calling for heat the thermostat energizes the blower relay which sends 110/120 volt power to the blower motor and it runs if it's not faulty in some way.
The 24 volt transformer has nothing to do with the blower other then kicking in the proper relay starting time which is delayed in the heat mode or instantly in the cool or fan on mode.
You need to check and see if the motor is getting 110/120 power when it should or if it's not getting power at all. check the blower relay for power etc.  

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