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The thermostat for our heater does not seem to be working correctly. It could show 80 degrees on the thermostat, and be set to 75, and the thing still comes on and overheats the house.

The thermostat looks like this one(same brand as well):


If it needs to be replaced, are they hard to install, and can a digital, programmable, thermostat be installed in place of this one?

Thank You

This is a very inexpensive thermostat and could likely have failed. They are not difficult to replace you just need to be sure the breakers are turned off to the unit during replacement or it could short the low voltage transformer that powers it. If there are any spare wires in the mounting box a programmable should be able to be installed, but the mechanical thermostat does not require both sides of the transformer to operate but a programmable does so it likely will require a technician to connect the wires properly so it will operate correctly. Thanks J

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