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QUESTION: I have a 2.0 ton Tempstar 10 SEER condenser that we bought in 2001. The air handler is at least 25 yrs old (that is when we bought the house). After we bought house we added a 3rd bedroom which brought sq footage to approx. 1600. Our A/C unit has never completely cooled house since then. I am 61 yrs old and don't want to have to worry about buying a new unit after I retire. Can we get buy with existing condenser and buy compatible Air Handler (don't even know if you can do that). Am trying to get least expensive system that will serve purpose and only have approx. $1500-$2,000 to spend now. Is there any hope?

The size ac unit you need depends on many factors besides the square feet that you want to cool.
A two ton condensing unit needs a two ton  cooling coil in the air handler, the air handler needs to be able to produce 400 CFM per ton of cooling or in the case of 2 tons, 800 CFM.
Just a rule of thumb if every thing is average you need one ton of cooling for every 400 square feet of space, there are lots of diffrent plus'es and minus'es to get a size?
For 1600 sq. ft. you need to start with 4 tons and then add or subtract.

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QUESTION: So, am I hearing that the condenser is probably ok but we need to look at a 4 ton air handler? And if the condenser is a Tempstar does that mean we need to look for a Tempstar air handler? Thank you for your help.

Like I say, "it all depends", if you live in the Antarctica you probably don't need ac, if you live in the Mohave desert you might need 10 ton's.
What ever size ac you need you need everything to be compatible.
You can use any brands of equipment mixed or matched.
If your existing equipment is in good working condition you may just want to add another set up.
The only thing I know about the situation is that you have about 1600 sq. ft.

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