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Can you tell me generally where the flame sensor would be on my 5-year-old Trane furnace.  The model number is 2CXCC049AC3CUAA.

There are three panels on my unit: top, middle and bottom. I took off the front cover to the middle and bottom but don't see the flame sensor.  The top panel cover is obstructed by the outtake line so it will be more work to get it off.

Any help would be much appreciated.  It's cold in Utah!

I don't have a manual on a "2CXCC049AC3CUAA." Trane furnace.
The flame sensor is at the burner level, where the fire is, it's on the oppiset side of the burner level from the igniter, most likely on your left as you look into the furnace at the burner level.  

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