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Amana home furnace approximately 18 years old.  The furnace will run and when the temperature reaches the set point on thermostat the fresh air intake and blower runs for about 20 seconds then shuts off.  I expect that it would need to run longer to expel the hot air out of the heat exchanger.  I do not understand why the fresh air intake would continue to run after it reaches it set point before furnace shuts off. We replaced the thermostat which did not resolve the problem.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or advise you may have.


From my experience fresh air intake dampers  have an end switch ,when the damper open completly it closes the end switch and the furnace starts, typically the furnace fan has nothing to do with the fresh air damper.Your blower fan may be a TDR ( time delay relay ) type and preset from the factory,timed on and timed off. or you possibly have a temperature on/off type sensing the HX temperature, in that case the fan switch could be out of calibration.Your wiring diagram should show you your configuration.You would have to determine if your damper is powered open and powered closed or powered open spring return closed. possible the damper linkage is binding and not closing completely.

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